Aromatic Herbs Repairing Foot Balm - 2.5 fl oz

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  • Pamper your feet with four beneficial, penetrating plant extracts - Sunflower, Mimosa, Rosemary and Marigold.  Known for their synergistic benefits on dry and damaged skin, the Mimosa and Marigold Flower oils are essential in nourishing your feet with targeted anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful foot balm deeply penetrates the skin with powerful nutrients - Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Omega-6 fatty acids - helping skin cell regeneration and removing the buildup of tougher calluses and dry patches. Rub just a dab onto tired feet and let this fearsome foursome revitalize tired, dry, affected skin. 


    • Four botanical extracts: Sunflower, Mimosa, Rosemary and Marigold
    • Soothes, nourishes and refreshes your feet
    • Not Heavy Nor Greasy
    • Paraben-free
    • Phenoxyethanol-free
    • No testing conducted on animals
  • How to Apply

    • Apply Mirada de Provence's Repairing Foot Balm to clean feet and massage until absorbed into the skin
    • For best results, apply the foot balm at bedtime, cover them up with socks and wake up to softer, smoother feet
  • Key Ingredients

    Sunflower Seed Oil Sunflower Seed Oil This plant-derived oil promotes soft smooth skin and help minimize the flaking caused by dry skin.  Its anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce swelling.
    Rosemary Oil Rosemary Oil The oil from this aromatic herb helps stimulate skin cell turnover and renewal while infusing the skin with moisture.  Its astringent properties helps stimulate circulation bringing blood and nutrients to the skin's surface.
    Marigold Flower Extract Marigold Flower Extract The Marigold Flower, a healing plant with stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties, is an emollient with softening and soothing effects on the skin.
    Sea Buckthorn Sea Buckthorn With relatively high levels of Vitamins A & E, Sea Buckthorn is the perfect free radical fighter for your skin. Its high content of nutrients makes it effective to combat the effects of aging skin.

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