About US

Provence Countryside

Why Provence

Mirada de Provence was born in the Southeastern region of France out of our desire to share the timeless beauty of the region with you.  The fertile soil that feeds our rich botanical ingredients is set between the French Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone River - home to some of the most beautiful and lush farmland in the world. The Provence region - once known as the orchard of France - is often blanketed by the Mistral, a cold, dry wind from the North that fosters an unusually sunny climate, perfect for world-renown artists and blooming flowers alike.

Our Products

We have thoughtfully crafted our skincare products which are infused with botanical ingredients harvested from the rich farmland of Provence.  We too love animals and therefore our products are never tested on animals and are also free from Paraben and Phenoxyethanol.  Our products are made to quickly hydrate the skin so you can naturally absorb the rich nutrients of the lush Provence landscape.

True natural beauty is ageless.  Mirada de Provence products hydrate and infuse your skin with rich nutrients so you can share your unique, natural beauty with the world. We are product to now share these products to help foster your escape back to your most beautiful, natural self.